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Pressure washer


350 kg high pressure washer (model FS2135)

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Features of this product:
1. This device adopts soft start, compared with the traditional star-delta start. That is to reduce the mechanical wear of the equipment itself and to extend the service life of the consumables, and to reduce the impact on the instantaneous start-up of the power grid of the factory to avoid the safety hazard caused by the instantaneous excessive current of other equipment on the same network.
2. At present, more than 90% of the high-pressure cleaners sold in the market do not have a water tank. Our company's equipment is equipped with a water tank. Compared with other equipment without a water tank, it can reduce the dry grinding of the plunger caused by the instant lack of water when the equipment is turned on. It can filter the unclean water again, and it can also return the pressure of the water in the pump to the water tank when the equipment is stopped, reducing the damage to the pump and the wearing parts inside the pump. It can be at least 40% longer than a machine without a tank.
3. There are many intelligent protections such as water shortage, overload, delayed shutdown and so on. At present, more than 60% of high-pressure cleaners sold on the market do not have these functions. These functions provided by our company's equipment can extend the life of the equipment and also provide a good guarantee for personal safety. Product introduction:
The advanced configuration in the 350 bar operating pressure cold water pressure washer with a water flow rate of up to 1,260 liters per hour, the application of a powerful 15 kW high-power low-speed industrial motor, and a high-precision industrial crankshaft pump enable this equipment to quickly complete the burdensome Cleaning work.
With its super performance, it is not only used in the construction site, agriculture, municipal engineering and industrial enterprises in various difficult conditions of cleaning work, but also in the surface treatment and processing technology of building materials.
Technical Parameters:
model FS21 / 35
greatest pressure Bar / Mpa / PSI 0-350 / 0-35 / 0-5075
Maximum flow L / h 1260
drive Volts / phase / hertz 400/3/50
power kilowatt 15
Water temperature Celsius 60
Rotating speed RPM 1450
weight kg 245
size Length, width and height mm 1250X840X1065
Application areas:
1. Removal of crusts in cement plants 2. Cleaning and dredging of heat exchangers and condensers in power plants 3. Cleaning of grids and reactors in chemical and paper mills 4. Cleaning of paints in automobile plants and surface rust removal
5. Powerful cleaning of engineering equipment such as engineering vehicles and shield machines

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