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Pressure washer


500 kg high pressure washer (model FS2550)

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FS 25/50 industrial-grade ultra-high pressure cold water washing machine, with a pressure of up to 500 bar, is suitable for various difficult cleaning tasks, daily cleaning and dredging of heat exchangers and condensers and rotary kiln skins in cement plants. The compact, modern design and various user-friendly accessories make it extremely flexible. This equipment has a very high cost performance, which can meet the strict requirements of customers.
The selection of crankshaft pumps, industrial ceramic plungers and multi-layer industrial seals ensures the long life of the equipment. The continuous working time is more than 8 hours, and the working life of the whole machine can reach more than 8000 hours.

Technical characteristics Technical Parameters
* High-precision industrial crankshaft pump Power supply phase / volt / hertz 3/400/50

* Three solid ceramic plungers and brass pump heads

* High-density inlet water filtration system

* Soft start low speed industrial motor

* Heavy-duty gun handle and stainless steel barrel

* Bypass stainless steel water tank

* Stainless steel pressure gauge

* Industrial filter

* Safety switch

* Safety valve system

Water flow L / H 1500
* Couplings and connected motors Pressure bar / Mpa / PSI 0-500 / 0-50 / 0-7250

Water inlet temperature Celsius 60
* Reinforced steel structure Connected power kW 30

Speed RPM 1450
* TSI intelligent control Machine weight kg 450

Dimensions (length * width * height mm) 1440x 850x 1200

Product application 1. Cleaning of rotary pits and equipment of cement plants 2. Concrete cleaning and shaving / surface coating removal at construction sites.
3. Surface cleaning of large transportation vehicles and internal cleaning during maintenance.
4. Non-destructive sand removal on the casting surface.
5.Surface cleaning and paint removal and rust prevention for ships.
6. Daily cleaning and unblocking of heat exchanger and condenser.
7. Flooring grille and car body spray skid in paint shop of automobile manufacturer
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