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Fully automatic construction site slag car washing machine is newly developed and produced by our company. It is specially designed for the construction site with high cleaning requirements. This equipment can automatically complete the washing, and the clean water and circulating water are cleaned separately. The awkward situation of the car.
Circulating water washing water can be reused. Only a small amount of water needs to be replenished during work. Rinse with fresh water can clean the vehicle twice. It is avoided that the ordinary automatic washing machine can only clean the muck truck with circulating water, and the vehicle is still dirty after washing. Therefore, it can save a lot of water resources, and it is cleaner than ordinary automatic car washing machines. Particularly suitable for construction sites with large unearthed quantities. The equipment is easy to install and transport, and can be adapted to the needs of frequent transfers.

model KJ460
Equipment size 4600 × 3700 × 1000 (length × width × height)
Cleaning method Automatic cleaning
Cleaning options automatic / manual
Flushing pressure 1-6kg / cm2
Power supply Three-phase 380V / 50Hz
power 11KW / 15KW / 22KW / 30KW
Water Consumption 30-80 liters (recycling water)
Car wash speed 10-60 seconds / set (adjustable)
Carrying 100 tons
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