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Tower crane dust spray system


High-altitude spray dust reduction system

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product description:
working principle:
The tower crane high-altitude spraying dust reduction system is composed of a reservoir, a water pump integrated host, a vertical water supply pipe connected vertically to the tower hanger and a horizontal water supply pipe connected horizontally to the tower crane's cross arm. The vertical water supply pipe and the horizontal water supply pipe are connected by a universal swivel joint. A high-pressure nozzle is distributed every 3 meters on the horizontal water supply pipe. The outlet end of the water pump integrated host is connected to the vertical water supply pipe through a pipe, and the inlet end is connected to the reservoir. After the controller of the operating host starts the pump, the system can start spraying.
Product Features:
1. Spray dust reduction:
Use the water in the precipitation well or the fire fighting pool to form a flying mist through the "altitude spraying dust reduction system", which adsorbs dust particles and impurities in the air. When the wind speed at the site is lower than the secondary wind, it can make the construction site atmosphere The particle concentration is reduced by 84%. At the same time, after a period of high-altitude spraying, the ground will form a wet state, which effectively inhibits the dust from rising again.
2. Spray cooling:
The surface temperature of the construction site in summer is close to 50 ° C, and no construction work is possible at noon. Using our products, spray 3 times a day (morning, middle and night) for one hour each day. It can effectively realize "artificial rainfall" on the construction site, reduce the temperature of the construction site by 3 ° C-5 ° C, reduce the probability of artificial heatstroke, and effectively improve the extremely hot working environment on the construction site.
3, spray maintenance:
Throughout the construction period, the main structure can be maintained by spraying water mist (adjust the amount of sprinkler water according to the actual needs of the site to form "fog" and "rain" to achieve a better effect of maintenance), and the maintenance area can cover the entire structure region.
4, high-altitude fire:
"High-altitude sprinkler dust reduction system" can adjust the sprinkler device to increase the amount of spraying water when the safety (fire, etc.) problem occurs at the construction site, and cover the construction site from a high altitude in all directions, in cooperation with existing safety fire protection measures. The difference from traditional firefighting is that traditional firefighting can only rely on manual control of the fire situation. Once the golden time to control the fire is missed, the losses caused are extremely difficult to recover. "High-altitude sprinkler dust-reduction system" can control the spread of fire by virtue of its "high terrain" and "wide coverage" when a fire occurs.
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