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Product training
All trainings include the introduction of simple working principles of equipment, equipment operation, equipment daily maintenance and cleaning work processes and methods, etc., which can be divided into:
1) Provide product description;
2) Provide the first systematic training after the product arrives at the user, including system training on equipment operation, equipment daily maintenance and cleaning work processes and methods (time to be determined).
Product repair
1) Product warranty a) General product warranty period is 12 months (except for wearing parts). During the warranty period, return visits regularly,
All maintenance costs and spare parts costs caused by quality problems are borne by the seller.
b) During the warranty period, if the machine fails, the seller will send engineers and technicians to visit the site free of charge. The service content is:
Inspection of machine safety;
Inspection of general machine performance and motor loss;
1) Understand and solve the problems caused by the use of equipment by customer employees;
Observe how customer employees operate equipment and correct improper operations.
2) Product maintenance As the direct manufacturer of the equipment, the company carries out life-long maintenance on the products it sells, provides spare parts for life, and guarantees that once a certain type of equipment is remodeled, at least five years will be provided to replace the original product. Spare parts supply.
Regular return visits
1. During the period after the warranty period, the seller will also return to the user periodically according to the actual situation of the buyer's equipment to help customers use the equipment correctly and solve related problems in a timely manner.
2. All the buyer's machine usage information will be completely entered into the company's after-sales service database. We will formulate a suitable after-sales service plan for the customer according to the situation we have mastered, and regularly inform the customer of the matters needing attention in the use of the machine. So that the equipment can play a good performance.
3. If the machine is damaged by an irresistible natural disaster, the seller shall charge the spare parts fee at its discretion.
4. The company can provide fast and direct service. The service response time in areas with direct personnel should be 24 hours, that is, within 24 hours of receiving a call for repairs.
5. Provide emergency services for weekends and holidays. Our after-sales service includes:
1. Technical information desk 2. Extensive inventory list carried in service car 3. Centralized storage of spare parts for fast delivery 4. Special service contract 5. Regular maintenance contract 6. Spare machine 7. Highly skilled after-sales engineer
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