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Changsha Kujie Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. <br /> Mobile phone: 18973112611
Phone: 0731-85864968
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Address: 1-B4004, Central South Headquarters Base, No. 688 Wanjiali South Road, Yuhua District, Changsha

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是一家销售工业环保清洁设备和建筑工地环保辅助设备的公司。 Changsha Kujie Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company that sells industrial environmental cleaning equipment and environmental protection auxiliary equipment for construction sites. With the country's continuous attention to environmental protection, environmental protection, and the status quo of China's ecological environment, environmental governance is urgent. We continue to strive to provide one-stop, professional, and suitable environmental cleaning solutions for customers in the commercial, manufacturing, service, construction and other industries, to continuously strive to help corporate customers solve practical problems in cleaning and environmental protection, and to continuously improve with modern management. After-sales service system guarantees customers no worries! In order to reduce intermediate links and intensive procurement system, we will continue to reduce procurement costs for you. Since its establishment, the company has always been in the process of creation: it is its responsibility to continuously reduce the procurement and use costs of cleaning products, take the road of sustainable development, and make its own contribution to the promotion of China's cleaning products and environmental protection!
After nearly 10 years of continuous cultivation, the company has made great progress in environmental sanitation cleaning equipment, filtration and dust removal equipment, high-pressure water cleaning equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, energy saving and consumption reduction equipment, etc., effectively solving outstanding environmental problems, and striving to improve environmental quality. Actively explore new environmental protection paths with low cost, good efficiency, low emissions and sustainable development.

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